Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1, Winter 2019 
1. The Effects of Pistacia Vera Seed Oil on Anxiety and Depressive-Like Behaviors in Rats with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Pages 1-9

Mohammadreza Mohammadi-Nasab; Iman Fatemi; Mohammad Pak-Hashemi; Mitra Abbasi-Fard; Mahsa Hassanipour

2. Efficient Degradation of Fenitrothion Pesticide and Reaction Mechanism with GO-Fe3O4/TiO2 Mesoporous Photocatalyst under Visible Light Irradiation

Pages 10-21

Mostafa Zangiabadi; Asma Saljooqi; Tayebeh Shamspur; Ali Mostafavi; Fatemeh Mehrabi; Maryam Mohamadi

4. The Impact of Symbiosis with Beneficial Microbes in Soil on Pistacia Vera

Pages 29-39

Najmeh Pakdaman; Marieh Nadi; Amanollah Javanshah