Aims and Scope


The purpose of the publication of Pistachio and Health Journal (PHJ) is the expansion  and enhancement of science in different fields of production and processing of healthy pistachio, the effects of pistachio health on human health, the nutritional and pharmaceutical aspects of pistachio, and scientific methods for reducing the problems present in producing, processing and storing pistachio.

PHJ intends to establish a link between scientists, farmers, physicians, the Food and Drug Administration, and the persons involved in the export of pistachio in order to develop the boundaries of knowledge.

PHJ welcomes review articles, short communications and letters to the editor, in addition to original articles.

PHJ has no page charges


Aims & Scope of Pistachio and Health Journal:

- Nutritional and pharmacological aspects of pistachio

- Effect of chemical and biochemical compounds of pistachio on human health

- Pistachio technology

- Production of safe pistachio

-  Effect of pistachio pesticides and pests on human health

-  Effect of pistachio pesticides and pests on the environment

-  Control of pistachio pests

-  Pistachio and traditional medicine

- Pistachio waste management